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2023 Elections

Tinubu Promises To Turn Yobe State Around If Elected



I Will Sweep Insecurity, Terrorism, Bandits, Hardship Away - Tinubu

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has promised that if elected he would turn Yobe State into an agriculture and tourism hub.


NewsOnline reports that Tinubu said with the Cargo Aiport commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari, all is set to move the state and its citizens into economic prosperity.


The former Lagos State governor in Damaturu during his campaign rally promised to maximize the natural resources of the state to the benefit of its citizens.




“The cargo airport Mr. President commissioned yesterday (Monday) will be greatly needed when our agenda for greater production of agricultural and industrial exports begins to take off.


“It is a wise investment made with courage and foresight. It will be needed to transport Yobe’s excellent sesame, hibiscus and gum Arabic to the rest of the world,” he said.


Speaking on his agricultural plan for the state, Tinubu said, “harnessing our agricultural endowment is more than an economic desire. It is a matter of national security. We need to further guarantee our food security to better ensure social stability and lay the groundwork for even more economic progress.


“We will establish agricultural hubs and irrigation and water catchment systems to assist farmers throughout the nation. Yields and harvests will increase. More importantly, we will encourage value-added agro-processing businesses that will foster greater.


“We will invest in the individual small farmer. You will earn a good and guaranteed income through the establishment of Commodity Exchange boards that will ensure an acceptable price for the crops you labor so hard to grow.”


On the investment and tourism opportunities available in the state, Tinubu promised to work with the state government to invest in the exploration of the precious mineral resources found in Yobe State.


“Your limestone, trona and gypsum will create jobs and earn money for the state. Yobe’s tourism potentials of the beautiful landscapes, sand dunes, oases and bird sanctuaries will be highlighted,” he added.


The APC presidential candidate assured youths of Yobe State that he would provide employment for them and all Nigerian youths if elected in February.


“The youth of Yobe will be better integrated into the national and world economy in ways that help and benefit you. We will empower you with the right education that would make you competitive in the global economy.


“The best of technology will be made available to you. Whether it is the best of knowledge in modern agriculture, the digital economy or in manufacturing and industry, that education will come closer and be more accessible to you.


“We will work with private sector leaders to make sure your education reflects the skills you will need to prosper in the economy of the future.


“We will tackle and reduce unemployment. My dream is that you are prosperous and never idle. You will have good jobs or will become thriving entrepreneurs giving jobs to others,” he said.


He called on Yobe citizens not to allow other candidates from other parties to confuse them with fake promises. He said as a progressive state, Yobe belongs to the APC.


“Yobe has always been a progressive state. You have never allowed the locusts to land here and feast on what does not belong to them. Instead, you have been loyal to the progressive cause of building a state and nation both of which have the sole mission of serving their people. You have supported this noble cause and the APC, our nation’s best and only true hope for good governance. Now, we are here to ask you to remain true to this proud tradition. Continue to support us progressives,” Tinubu said