#BBNaija: Saga To Be Disqualified From Show After One More Strike

Saga will be disqualified from the BBNaija show after one more strike, Biggie has revealed.     Newsonline reports that Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates,...

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Nigerian news of today – Nothing falls through the cracks

In Nigeria, something happens every second. Think flip-flopping moves of political leaders, discoveries of tech companies, and sports events that spread the thrill here and there. It’s hard to catch up on all that, but is it? All the latest news in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond physical borders are now timely and factually covered in a single place: Newsonline Nigeria.

Follow everything that’s happening right now, from headline-capturing criminal arrests to the latest business policies. Our team leaves no stone unturned to shed light on breaking news in Nigeria for what you’re interested in. Stay with us to read politics, entertainment, education, sports, business, job market, and other news to be aware and develop your own opinions.

Check out breaking news in Naija and around the world

Wherever there’s a current issue that can impact lives, there are Newsonline Nigeria reporters to cover it. We’re often the first to break the news in Nigeria and turn the spotlight on global events as they occur. Our journalists and editors work shoulder to shoulder with leading international news agencies to extend our reportage capabilities and keep you, the reader, informed.

Make sure to find out where the entire continent is headed, what’s going on in the USA, and how the relationship between Naija and European countries takes shape. We bring you up to speed on everything you would love to know, regardless of the distance and time zones. To deliver on this promise, Newsonline Nigeria reports news 24/7 and is always open to suggestions on keeping you abreast in a more informed and convenient manner.

5 Reportage standards of Newsonline Nigeria

When covering the latest news in Nigeria and all over the world, Newsonline Nigeria staunchly abides by the highest reportage standards and journalistic principles. We take great pains to deliver information that is:

  • Factual. If there’s a lack of evidence about some piece of news, it’s never published on Newsonline Nigeria. We only deliver what can be backed by facts, proved by research, and observed by people.

  • Unvarnished. Objectivity lies at the core of our reportage ethics. Every news story we cover is free of logical fallacies, assumptions, and biases that may affect the way our readers perceive it.

  • Verified. Our journalists and editors check all information when delivering breaking news today in Nigeria and around the world to you.

  • Easy to follow.We present news based on today’s digital reportage requirements. That means the content on Newsonline Nigeria is created using plain language without lofty, verbose writing styles and superfluous information.

  • Free and accessible Newsonline Nigeria is free to use. We do not charge our readers just because they want to remain aware. But we may display digital ads, which should never interfere with your perception of news.

As a media agency, we’re committed to transforming digital journalism while cementing Newsonline Nigeria as a trusted source of truth. Stay up-to-date with international and local Nigerian news today, safe in the knowledge that our opinions aren’t passed on to the masses!


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