Npower Batch C Volunteers

NASIMS has commenced nationwide payment for all Npower Batch C Volunteers.



Are you a beneficiary of the Npower programme? If yes, we are pleased to inform you that NPower has commenced payment to all batch C beneficiaries nationwide.


Npower October Stipend – How To Validate Your Account To Get Paid


Newsonline reports that the beneficiaries of the Npower Batch C Programme have started receiving alerts from different banks.


If you didn’t receive your Stipend on time, please don’t panic because it will surely get to your turn.


Sometimes the delay comes as a result of the bank you are using. It’s likely that beneficiaries using Access Bank, UBA, First Bank, GTBANK will receive their stipends first before other banks.


Proof: Beneficiaries Begin To Receive Npower Batch C Payment (Photo)


We have also received numerous questions from Npower batch C beneficiaries, looking for legit information as to why they haven’t received their Npower monthly stipend.

Questions like,

  • Why Haven’t I Received my NPower Monthly Stipend?
  • What is Delaying my NPower Payment?
  • Which month is Npower paying for?
  • Is the Npower Batch C payment for stream 1&2?

These are the questions we have received so far from Npower batch C beneficiaries who are really worried about their Npower monthly stipends/salary.


If you are among the applicants that need answers to these questions, then you don’t have to worry anymore because we have the answers to all your questions here.


We will start by answering the questions one after the other until we are done giving you the correct answers that you need.


Why Haven’t I Received my NPower Monthly Stipend?

If you haven’t received your Npower Stipend, it is because the bank account details you provided are not correct.

In this case, all you need to do is to visit your portal or dashboard and validate your account details.


What is Delaying my NPower Payment?


Your Npower Batch C Payment maybe delayed if your bank account is dormant.

Another factor that can deprive you from receiving y

our Npower Stipends is wrong account details.

We also observed that your account details on your profile was not validated. This has made it impossible for your account to be credited.

Note, if you haven’t completed your Npower physical verification exercise, you won’t be able to receive your Npower monthly stipends.

Which Month is Npower Paying for?

Due to delay in completing the Npower physical verification on time, the NPower team were not able to pay beneficiaries for the month of October which made the payment to be made in the month of November.

As a batch C beneficiary, you are to note that you received your first Npower monthly stipend in the month of November.

Your Npower payment has commenced and as such, you will continue to receive your N-power monthly stipends till 12 months time (1 Year).

Is the Npower Batch C Payment for Stream 1&2

The ongoing Npower payment is only for NPower batch C stream 1 beneficiary. The reason is that stream 1 applicants have already completed their verification and reported to their various PPA’s

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Remember, Npower in its description is work and earn programme which means you can’t be paid if you have not done any work.

If you need us to help you with more updated information on NPower Batch C Payment News, kindly feel free to ask any question in the comment box below. You can also provide us with your phone number or email address for more updates.