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UK Citizenship: Will A Child Born In the UK Automatically Get British Citizenship?



UK Citizenship

Will a child born in the UK automatically get British Citizenship? 


NewsOnline will examine how a child born in the UK can obtain British citizenship in today’s article.


A baby born in the UK does not automatically acquire British citizenship. Being born in the UK no longer confers British nationality as of the 1981 British Nationality Act’s implementation. Depending on the circumstances of their parents, children born in the UK may obtain a nationality.




If either the child’s mother or father is a British citizen at the moment of his birth, or if one of the following applies, the child will immediately receive British nationality.

• Either the mother or the father of the child has established residency in the UK, which indicates that they have either received Indefinite Leave to Remain or a Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme.


Please take note that if these requirements are not completed at the time of birth, the child will not immediately receive British citizenship.

If a kid is born in the UK but does not already have British citizenship, they should apply for a visa as a dependent using the same process as their parents used.

In this situation, the youngster shouldn’t leave the UK until a British passport or UK immigration paperwork is produced.

The child may apply for British citizenship if one or both parents get British citizenship or establish residence in the country while the child is still a minor and present there.

The youngster must submit a registration application before applying for a British passport.