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2023 Elections

Take Back Your Country With Your Votes Or Spend Rest Of Your Lives Carrying Placards



Take Back Your Country With Your Votes Or Spend Rest Of Your Lives Carrying Placards

Former Senator of Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Shehu Sani, has advised Nigerian youths to utilize their voting numbers to take back the country or spend the rest of their lives carrying placards due to bad governance.


NewsOnline reports that Senator Sani said the youths which constitute the largest voting block as shown by the new Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) voters’ register should mobilize and vote for the candidate who has shown he has their interest at heart.


Shehu Sani said this in reaction to the latest voters’ register published by INEC ahead of the February 25, 2023, presidential electi on.




He said, “the Nigerian Youth constitute the majority of the 93 million registered voters. The Choices are yours; to take back your country with your votes or to live the rest of your lives with placards and Aluta solidarity songs and gbosa, gbosa mentality.”


Sani added, “democracy is the rule of the majority, It’s important that the masses are enlightened to know that voting is not just a right or a civic responsibility; but it’s also about their lives, their fate and their future.”


INEC voters’ register published on Wednesday (11 January 2023) showed that the number of total registered voters is 93, 469,008 (ninety-six million, four hundred and sixty-nine thousand and eight). Of the total number, 53,264 (fifty-two thousand, two hundred and sixty-four) are ineligible voters.


According to the register, forty-nine million, fifty-four thousand and one hundred and two (44,054,162), making up 52.5% are males. forty-four million, four hundred and fourteen thousand, eight hundred and forty-six (44,414,846) making up 47.5% are females. Persons with disabilities have a total of eighty-five thousand, three hundred and sixty-two registered voters.


The data also showed that youths make up 39.65% of the register with a total number of thirty-seven million, sixty thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine voters (37,060,399).


The electoral commission has also dismissed fears that elections may be postponed as a result of insecurity in some sections of the country. INEC also warned that underage voters will be arrested alongside their parents.


“2023 General Election will hold as scheduled. INEC not contemplating any postponement. Underaged voters, vote buyers will be arrested, prosecuted,” INEC said.


INEC also disclosed that election materials for 17 States were delivered, adding that 13,868,441 PVCs were printed, and delivered to States.