How can a supposed security agent import drug chocolates, cookies and others all the way from Canada knowing fully well that it will eventually get to the young people, just because of the love for wealth? Thank God for NDLEA. What of if those cookies and chocolates eventually pass through un noticed. Imagine the number of people that would have gotten access to the kilograms of cannabis and wraps of cocaine ceased by NDLEA of recent.


Imagine the number of broken homes, the number of people in our rehabilitation centers, the number of people holding guns terrorising our communities if those substances had passed through our borders, airports, seaports, inter states borders e.t.c.


The devastating effect of drug abuse/misuse in Nigeria and the world at large has created a lot of confusion as to the certainty of a better future. Kidnapping, banditry, prostitution, human trafficking and all forms of terrorisms are on the increase. All of these can be traced back to the abuse of drugs and use of hard substances like cocaine as the trigger and motivating factors. We lost hope of a better society but with the recent achievements recorded by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), we can all see that there is hope for a drug free society.


NDLEA is responsible for tackling the manufacturing, importation, distribution and use of cannabis, cocaine and other hard substances. Paying attention to the media now, hardly a day will pass by without news on NDLEA intercepting illicit drugs and other hard substances.


The appointment of Brigadier Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd) as the Chairman /Chief Executive Officer of the agency has given Nigerians hope for a better future because under his administration, a lot has been unveiled as to the capability of the agency and we have seen that if really we envision a better tomorrow for Nigeria then priority should be given to NDLEA.


Illicit drugs; cannabis, cocaine and other hard substances are the motivating factors for all forms of criminalities, the reason why a good number of young people are insane, the reason for many broken homes. NDLEA has shown that it can get better. The Federal Government of Nigeria should immensely support the activities of NDLEA. Indeed with the recent achievements of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, there is hope for a better Nigeria.


Engr SINI JOSEPH, a Nigerian youth activist writes from Kubwa, Abuja