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USA Jobs

In this article are the USA jobs one can do and how to apply for nonimmigrant or immigrant visas.


NewsOnline reports that there are many jobs for immigrants in the USA, and you can work in the country as an immigrant or as a nonimmigrant. Some of the common types of jobs include construction, health care, and science and technology.

USA Jobs For Immigrants


Health care

Immigrants working in the US provide a huge contribution to the nation’s health care system. The cost savings to the country from expanding immigrants’ access to health care could be significant. In addition, bringing more immigrants into the health care workforce would help alleviate staffing shortages.

Health care is one of the most important sectors of the economy, but there are still barriers to access for immigrants. In fact, about ten percent of the nation’s population is uninsured. Noncitizens are also more likely than citizens to be uninsured.

Immigrants can contribute to the health care system through several different pathways. For instance, there are temporary visa categories such as O-1 and J-1, and there are permanent immigration channels. Many physicians and nurses can receive work authorization through these routes.

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Science and technology

Immigrants are increasingly a part of the science and technology workforce in the United States. They are responsible for a large share of patents and inventions in medicine and electronics. Their presence also enhances the productivity of all workers. However, the numbers are not necessarily increasing.

Immigrants are especially common in computer-related jobs. In fact, the number of immigrant STEM workers has grown by almost a third over the last decade.

The most common foreign-born STEM workers are from China, India, and the Philippines. They make up about 20 percent of the total. Approximately three million immigrants come from Asia. There are also a significant number of immigrants from Mexico and Vietnam.



If you’re considering working in the United States, you’ll need to understand how immigration works. Immigrants make up a significant portion of the construction workforce. It’s not uncommon to find immigrants in other industries, as well.

Currently, immigrants comprise a quarter of the construction workforce. But there’s a shortage of workers in the industry. This shortage has pushed wages up.

The construction industry has long struggled to recruit new labor. As a result, wages have increased and activity has slowed.

According to the Associated General Contractors, 83% of contractors nationwide have found it difficult to fill open positions. Despite the difficulty, the industry has hired foreign nationals through various programs. These include the H-2B visa program, which allows for non-agricultural temporary jobs.


Occupational therapist

If you are looking for a USA job for immigrants, Occupational Therapist is one of the occupations you should consider. Occupational Therapists are health care professionals who work in many different settings, from rehabilitation facilities to continuing care retirement communities. They work with patients to treat injuries and improve their quality of life. Typically, they have excellent interpersonal skills and a desire to help others.

In order to become an Occupational Therapist, you must first acquire a license from your state. Depending on the state, you may also be required to pass a licensing examination. A state dental board is also an option for licensure.


Financial specialist

Most financial specialists are employed by organizations, although some are self-employed. A variety of positions exist within the field, ranging from accountants to business analysts to tax preparers. Financial specialists play a key role in ensuring the fiscal health of companies and institutions. They also help individuals make sound financial decisions.

Financial specialists are usually required to have a college education, including a degree in finance or a related field. In addition to knowledge of the basics, they will need to have a grasp of accounting principles, tax codes, and other financial regulations. Some will require specialized certifications and licensing.

The job of a financial specialist is not easy, though. They can have long hours, strict deadlines, and a stressful work environment. Moreover, there are a large number of industries where they can find work, so the search for the perfect job can be a long and tedious one.


Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa classifications

The United States offers immigrants a number of different immigrant and nonimmigrant visa classifications. All are governed by federal law.

However, these visas have distinct characteristics. They may be temporary or permanent. Some are for business, while others are for study, tourism, and medical treatment. Each category has its own requirements, though.

One of the most common visas is the H-1B visa. It is for foreign nationals working in specialty occupations. These workers must have a bachelor’s degree in their field. Applicants must be sponsored by an employer who has a job opening. Currently, there are annual caps on the number of visas available.