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Spain Visa: How To Apply For Spain Working Holiday Visa 2023



Spain Working Holiday Visa 2023

Spain Visa and how to apply for Spain Working Holiday Visa 2023 can be accessed below.


NewsOnline reports that authorization to operate in Spain while on vacation is known as a working holiday visa. It is exclusively available to young people from a select few nations of the world for a maximum of one year, with no option for renewal or extension.


The following requirements must mostly be met to get a visa for temporary positions in Spain:

  • You have never before taken part in this program.
  • Your trip is primarily intended for a vacation in Spain; working is only a secondary goal.
  • A Spaniard cannot perform the first job you will have in Spain.
  • You have the required work authorization.
  • You won’t work for more than six months at a time.
  • You won’t spend more than 3 months working for the same employer.
  • The requirements for hiring foreigners for seasonal employment are met by your initial employer.
  • You can come and live comfortably in Spain.
  • Your travel expenses are paid for.
  • Once the seasonal contract is over, you will depart for your country of origin.


A Spanish Working-Holiday visa entitles you to the following activities:

  • Language teacher.
  • Receptionist.
  • Waiter.
  • Barista.
  • Cook
  • Model.
  • Kitchen assistant.
  • Other jobs in the service industry.
  • Jobs in information technology.
  • Other jobs in the tourism industry.


Only a few nations in the world have a working holiday treaty with Spain. Only the countries listed below are eligible to apply for this visa:

  1. Australian Nationals aged 18 to 30.
  2. Canadian Nationals aged 18 to 35
  3. Japanese Nationals aged 18 to 30.
  4. South Korean Nationals aged 18 to 30
  5. New Zealand Nationals aged 18 to 30.


From your home nation, you must get a working holiday visa for Spain. Verify whether there is a Spanish consulate or embassy in your country and the rules that govern applying for visas there. You might have to present your application at the following places based on that:

  • Spanish consulate.
  • Spanish embassy.
  • A third-party visa processing facility to which Spain has contracted the filing of visas.
  • Find Seasonal Employment in Spain

Getting work in Spain is the first step you must do to file for a Sp anish temporary visa. Online job searches and employment agencies are both options. Once you and your employer have reached an agreement, ask them to provide you with the necessary paperwork on their end. The application process can be started in your country of residence.

  • Schedule a visa interview with the Spanish government

You cannot simply go in and submit your application. You must first schedule an appointment. Make an appointment by calling the Spanish consular in your country. For the appointment, they could require you to fill out an online form.

  • Gather the necessary documentation for a working holiday visa.

The essential components of your application are the needed documentation. Everything is centered on them. Documents needed in full for a Spanish Working Holiday Visa include:

Standard Documents: These are your valid passport, your filled-out visa application form, your pictures, and copies of your prior passports and visas.

  • Return ticket
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources
  • A certificate of police clearance.
  • A recent medical certificate.
  • Health insurance in Spain from a reputable company
  • Evidence that you have at minimum two years of college under your belt.
  • You must also provide evidence of your proficiency in the Spanish language.
  • Department of Migration and Border Security letter of support.
  • A work permit or a foreigner’s identification number.
  • Agreement for employment
  • Show up for the visa interview

The consular interview for a visa is a quick meeting. He or she will interview you about your application, background, and reasons for wanting to work in Spain on a tourist visa during this appointment.

You will also be required to provide your biometrics if you have not visited Schengen within the last five years.

  • Cover the Visa Fee

A specific price will charge for the issuance of your visa. The cost of a visa, however, varies depending on your nationality and is as follows:

  • United States citizens €167
  • $100 for Canadians.
  • Japanese, South Korean, and New Zealanders pay €80.


You must enter Spain within 3 months of the visa’s issuing date if you want to be able to work there while on vacation.

The process of obtaining the Foreigner’s Identity Card will be simpler for you since you have the NIE. Within 30 days of arriving in Spain, you must apply for this card at the nearest foreigner’s office or a police station.

Foreigners can work in Spain while on vacation but with a working holiday visa. It is exclusively available to young people from a few nations.