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South Must Always Beg North To Be President- Bashir Ahmad



South Must Always Beg North To Be President- Bashir Ahmad

Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, on Digital Communications, Bashir Ahmad, has said for a Southerner to be president of Nigeria, the North must agree, otherwise, it will not be possible.


NewsOnline reports that Bashir said all Southerners must negotiate with North stakeholders to be president.


Southern Nigeria – including South West, South East and South-South regions – has about 17 states – six states in South West, six states in South-South and five states in the South East – while the North has 19 states, across the North Central, North West, and North East. Also the federal capital territory, Abuja is located in North Central.


Ahmad, who also is Deputy Director, of Special Media Projects/New Media, APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), added that the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu will win the 2023 election because he negotiated with the North. He added that after eight years of the former governor of Lagos State tenure, any other Southerner who wishes to ascend to the presidency would again negotiate with North.


Bashir’s statement followed the large crowd that gathered at the presidential campaign rally held by Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, in Kaduna on Wednesday.




President Buhari’s aide said the crowd cannot guarantee the victory of Peter Obi, because he failed to with Northern stakeholders.


“Whether you are ready to accept it now or never, the numbers you’re bragging can never give your the Presidency. After Asiwaju finishes his two terms, you can come to North and negotiate for it. Shi kenan!” Bashir said.


His statement, however, did not go unnoticed by Nigerians who criticized his stand. Twitter users condemned his stand, stating negotiation was responsible for insecurity, corruption and bad leadership which has held the country backward for years.


“Insha Allah, when Labour Party takes power in Feb, your types will never smell such positions you occupy today. In your place, we will have patriots who would conduct themselves professionally, who with their utterances seek to build rather than divide Nigeria,” Ochi, @OchiJnr said.


Another Twitter user, Joe, @FitJoe44 said, This is the type of negotiation that has kept this country in a mess, you people have looted this country and you’re still planning to do more but God will shame you people next month, just imagine other countries willing to invest in Nigeria will think after seeing this tweet.”