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My Aim Is To Save Nigeria Not Trading Words With Tinubu- Atiku



My Aim Is To Save Nigeria Not Trading Words With Tinubu- Atiku

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has said his aim is to save Nigeria and not trade words with the APC party and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.


NewsOnline reports that Atiku said Bola Tinubu is a person of low level with disparaging and deficient character who is looking to cover his unworthiness and his party’s failures with mudslinging.


In a statement on Friday, the former vice president has come under heavy personal attack from the ruling party, APC, and its candidate, Tinubu, said he is committed to interfacing with Nigerians to save the country from slipping into the abyss.


“I have since resolved not to descend to the low level of personal attacks and lies being peddled by my opponents. Nor will I join issues with those who, in an attempt to cover their character deficiencies, re­sort to mudslinging and gut­ter language, in a desperate attempt to disparage their fellow contestants.




“I’d rather take the high road of dignity and statesman­ship to continue to advance our manifesto, as we continue to inform the Nigerian people of how the Atiku-Okowa gov­ernment intends to stop the slip into the abyss by a country that is so blessed with human and natural resources,” he said.


Atiku added that he would always remind Nigerians that as former vice president, he was instrumental in giving the country the needed leadership that brought economic boom to the country. He said he is committed to bringing back the glory days of 1999-2007 to save the country.


“I will remind them about our past success when I served Nigeria meritoriously as the vice president in the govern­ment that has been adjudged as the best so far since our re­turn to democracy in 1999.


“I want to share our dreams and achievable development plans for our today and our future,” Atiku added.


He promised that if elected, he will assemble some of the brightest minds within and outside Nigeria to save the country.


“We shall as­semble a team of some of the brightest and best Nigerians that abound within the coun­try and in the diaspora to as­sist in rebuilding our country. This is my commitment and my contract with the Nigerian people,” Atiku added.