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2023 Elections

APC Has Shown Us Enough Shege, We Must Vote Them Out- Mr Macaroni



APC Has Shown Us Enough Shege, We Must Vote Them Out- Mr Macaroni

Celebrity Comedian and Skit Maker, Debo Adedayo, known as Mr Macaroni, has called on fans and youths to vote out all APC candidates in the 2023 election.


NewsOnline reports that Mr Macaroni said under the All Progressives Congress government led by President Muhammadu Buhari Nigerians are suffering daily in the midst of plenty.


Mr Macaroni, a popular rights activist asked Nigerians, particularly youths have been victims of bad governance under the APC government if they have not had enough of the Shege -suffering – they are suffering every day.


“This Government is showing us Shege and still campaigning to show us more Shege,” Debo said. He asked, “Are you people not tired of seeing Shege?”




Daddy Wa, as he is popularly called, said Nigerians do not deserve the hardship they are going through. “Nigerians definitely do not deserve this hardship and suffering,” he added. “Why are we still having Fuel scarcity in 2023?? he questioned. “This is why we all must vote!!!” He added.


He called on all fans and youths to vote out the ruling APC and its candidates, including Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate.


Mr Macaroni called on fans, youths and all Nigerians who want a good country to vote for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on February 25, 2023, to be the president of Nigeria.


“Politicians will only do better when they see that the people have the power to elect them or throw them out of office. I don’t know about you but Peter Obi most definitely has my vote.
Dear Nigerians, please open your eyes ooo and vote. I am voting mine (Peter Obi).”