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TRASHit Wins Anambra Innovative Business Idea Of The Year




TRASHit has won Anambra Innovative Business Idea of the year, plans to revolutionize waste management in the state.


NewsOnline understands that TRASHit is a waste management project aimed at providing smarter waste management solutions to urban and semi-urban residents in Anambra state.


TRASHit was founded in Awka and started as a door to door waste collection service in a bid to reduce the indiscriminate disposal of waste and environmental decay in the city. Residents order for TRASHit bags for waste collection via e-channels and call lines and get these services within 24hrs.


Michael Chiagoziam Nwosu, the initiator is working to revolutionise waste management in the state through ICT and also making it as flexible as possible to receive waste management services of any kind within 24hrs. Residents within their operational areas also benefit direct value from the return of their recyclables for which they offer home pick up services and monetary equivalent or commodity equivalent of the recyclable returned. Waste management is more convenient, more beneficial to individuals and the environment with TRASHit as they provide solutions compatible with every class of people within their area of operations ranging from the educated to the illiterate as waste generation is also an activity engaged in by every individual.

They also seek to improve the economy of the state by providing jobs and engaging in training of young people on upcycle skills. With a current workforce of about 30 young people, TRASHit is working towards providing over 20,000 jobs for Anambrarians in the state over the next 5 years and contribute in building a virile economy in the state around waste management like Kigali of Rwanda or Nairobi of Kenya just to name a few.

The company is working to be among the major contributors to sustainable development and waste management in Africa by directly impacting the lives of our people and spurring rapid development in every related sector and the economy at large.