Praise and Ka3na Making Love

BBNaija Praise and Ka3na shagging have been the hottest trend on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

NewsOnline Nigeria that the duo, Praise, and Ka3na participated in the housemates’ Truth or Dare game on Friday night.

Ka3na had said before the game: “Biggie, this is Ka3na requesting, please increase the volume of the air condition coz its gonna be dirty tonight.”

During the game, housemates took turns in asking each other to do different shagging moves with Ka3na having a feel of Laycon’s cock.

After the truth and dare, a video of two housemates moving under the duvet emerged on Twitter with many users saying “Praise and Ka3na shagging” were what happened under the duvet.

Though NewsOnline Nigeria cannot tell if it was Praise and Ka3na under the duvet, viewers of the BBNaija Lockdown edition say it was the two housemates.

Watch the video of Praise and Ka3na shagging below…

Watch the dirtiest part of the video HERE.