Saga Faces Disqualification From Show

Social Media is on fire as Saga risks disqualification from the reality show after whispering to Nini.



Newsonline reports that the social media users are currently on fire as they heap insults on Big Brother Naija housemate Saga after he revealed to his love interest that Biggie tasked him to fight her for BBNaija tokens.


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During the diary session yesterday, Big Brother tasked lover-boy Saga with the secret task of picking a fight with his love interest and also ignore her. He asked him to ignore her till the next diary session.


Big Brother told Saga to prank Nini and get rewarded with 200k Abeg Naira and 100 BBNaija tokens if he pulls through. Saga who tried to start a fight with Nini failed and broke the rules and went back to his love interest.


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After the fight that occurred in the house between Cross and Nini, Saga was later seen in bed with Nini and spilled the beans that he was not trying to fight her but was tasked by Biggie to prank her so he was acting on the instructions from Biggie.



Social media users have blasted Saga for spilling the beans. While some hurled insults at him, others said Ozo needed an apology.

@Teetola: Biggie better disqualify this saga, give him two strikes for microphone infringement, and breaking the diary room rules makes it 3 strikes thus, a disqualification. He kuku has one strike before.

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@Ifhy: Oh wow!! Saga tried o, I was expecting him to tell nini since yesterday 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@nao_mili: Ah ozo please forgive us 😢this saga na mugu

@Ada: The guy is inside bottle😂😂😂😂

@Being_fay_tee: Like I know everyone has the right to love in his or her own way!!!But I won’t want a man to be like this around me!!!😂😂😂mumu mumu


Meanwhile, Newsonline reports that Saga while spilling the beans whispered to Nini. Whispering is a strike offence in Biggie’s house and Saga already have one strike. Is it end of the road for Saga?