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‘Northerners Plotting To Replace Tinubu With Shettima’ – Naja’atu Mohammed



Naja'atu Mohammed

Naja’atu Mohammed has revealed that some Northerners are planning to replace Tinubu with Shettima.


NewsOnline reports that a former member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, Hajia Najaatu Mohammed, has claimed that some northerners are plotting to make Senator Kashim Shettima president if the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, becomes incapacitated.

In her latest jab against Mr Tinubu’s camp, the Kano-born politician disclosed that some supporters of northern extraction, who seems to be ignoring the APC flag bearer’s obvious health frailties are in fact banking on his eventual incapacitation so that Mr Shettima could assume office as constitutionally stipulated.

“They just want to push him for them to be the president. It’s not even in his interest,” Ms Mohammed asserted.


“Some people from Maiduguri called me today (Monday) asking, ‘Hajia, why did you do this? You have now punctured our interest. Our son is going to be president, and you’re talking like that? After all, look at Tinubu; he cannot do it. We’re all for Kashim. You have not done well for us.”

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Ms Mohammed recently resigned as director of civil society engagement in Mr Tinubu’s campaign. According to her, she could not serve the country’s interest in clear conscience if she continued to support the former Lagos governor.


She further clarified that Mr Tinubu’s health is in an embarrassing state which is grossly unfit for public office.

“I sat with him for two hours in London; when you talk of green, he will give you an answer of red. He can’t even decipher. He has very serious dementia; I believe he has Alzheimer’s because he cannot even hold a cup of tea,” she said.

Speaking further, Mohammed claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t care about the economy, security, or who succeeds him as president.


She stated that despite briefings from all security agencies, the president doesn’t care about the dangers of a Bola Tinubu presidency, given his alleged health challenges.

She alleged that Buhari’s grandnephew, Yusuf Tunde Sabiu is the ‘prime minister’ of Nigeria who runs the presidency, adding that the president is not in charge.

Naja’atu said: “In the first place, Buhari does not care about anything. He had never cared. He doesn’t care about the country, nor is he really in charge. He has thrown the country to the dogs. He has a prime minister in the name of his nephew—grandnephew Tunde.

“Whether we want to believe it or not, Tunde is the de facto president. I know that even the service chiefs report to him. Tunde is Sabiu. Do you know him? He’s called Tunde because he was named after Tunde Idiagbon.”


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