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Macaroni, Yul Edochie, Rudeboy Advise Youths Against Vote Selling



Macaroni, Yul Edochie, Rudeboy Advise Youths Against Vote Selling

Skit Maker and Comedian, Mr Macaroni; Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie; and Award Winning Musician, Rudeboy have advised Nigerian youths not to sell their votes in the coming elections.


NewsOnline reports that Debo Adedayo, along with Yul Edochie and Peter Okoye reminded the youths that voting for the best candidate – the trio supports the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi – will help in solving the problems that have been confronting every Nigerian youth and family.


Macaroni advised the youths to get their permanent voters’ cards and ensure they shun vote-selling to the same old politicians that have been against their progress through bad leadership over the years.


He told youths and fans that “any Politician offering you money in exchange for your vote is not going to serve you. They are only investing. If they get into office, they will loot the Nation’s treasury which rightfully belongs to the people.”


“Do not vote in thieves and looters! They are destroyers,” Macaroni added.




He also called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be transparent and be for the Nigerian people by ensuring free and fair exercise on election days.


“This Particular Election means a lot to the people of Nigeria. We want to exercise our right to choose the Leaders that we want to serve us. We are counting on your transparency and accountability to make it work. Please do not let us down.


“We recognize your service and sacrifice so far INEC. We know it is not easy. Despite several condemnable attacks on your staff and offices, you have continued to serve. Please do not relent. Nigerians are counting on you,” he said.


Nollywood star, Yulsaid his engagement in politics over time showed that the people including youths who are the victims of bad leadership were demanders of money during elections. He advised that the culture of demanding money to cast vote must be shunned by all youths in the 2023 election.


“I used to think it’s the politicians that offer money until I joined politics and ran for office.
My eyes opened. It’s mainly the people that demand money from the politicians and put them in a tight corner where they must find money by all means to share or fail,” Yul said.


Also, Peter Okoye, Rudeboy of the PSquare advised fans and youths to endeavour they collect their PVCs and votes wisely.


Rudeboy wrote on his Twitter handle, “Pls go and collect your PVC AND VOTE WISELY… as for me, my family and friends we all are voting for Peter obi.”