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Empress Njamah Boyfriend Releases Fresh Empress Njamah Videos (WATCH HERE)



Empress Njamah Videos

Empress Njamah Boyfriend has released fresh Empress Njamah Videos, watch Empress Njamah Videos released by her ex today below.


NewsOnline reports that Josh Wade, the estranged fiance of actress, Empress Njamah has released a fresh video of Empress Njamah as he threatened.


This online news platform understands that Josh has created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting private videos of Empress.


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In another video, NewsOnline Nigeria reports that Josh confessed to missing Empress as he warned her against spreading false rumors of him being unable to travel.


“I really miss you” Empress Njamah’s estranged fiancé says as he begins releasing her n¥de videos.


He created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting videos he took of the Empress in her house, including innocent videos of her taking a bath.



“I am just confused. I swear to God I just miss you. Seriously, I just miss you. That’s the real truth, that’s no joke. But please, stop telling people that I can’t travel. Don’t do that, I beg you please”.


This online platform recalls that George “Baby Brother” Wade had threatened Empress after she called off their engagement and went into hiding.



“I swear to God, you don’t know what’s coming” George had threatened in the video.


Click to Watch Empress Njamah video: HERE