Powerful Prayer Points

Today Is 9th Day Of January 2021 – Use This Powerful Prayer Points To Pray Before You Step Out for Your Daily Activities.


king of glory we thank you for a day like this, we give you all the glory, we give you all the honour for the gift of life, daddy you made it possible for us to be in the land of the living not because of our power nor by our might but it’s by your divine loving grace upon our life, therefore we say may your name be uplifted above every other name in Jesus mighty name we pray.

You said in your word that sin is what draw us away from you, therefore with a humble heart we plead and beg for your divine forgiveness, Daddy uses your blood to wash away our sins so that we will be once again worthy of being in your presence again so that we’ll be worthy to be called your children again in Jesus name.


Ancient of days you said we should put you in front in anything we’re doing, therefore our has come for you to come and absolutely control of these lives that you have given us, daddy come and take absolute control over our lives, king of glory we commit our today’s activities into your able hand, bless our day, Bless our month, bless our year…. You said we should pass a decree and it shall come to pass, therefore I pass a decree into every life reading these that you’re are blessed, your family is Blessed, all our endeavours are sure Blessed in Jesus mighty name we pray.

I stand in the solid Rock of ages to bind every force of darkness that will raise their ugly head against us, those that will prevent our prayers from reaching you, we bind and cast them in the pit of hell where they will remain in Jesus mighty name we pray.

Be thou exalted for answering our prayers in Jesus name we pray Amen.

Go and possess your possession for you are the child of Grace, amen

According to 1 John 5:14, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”


Lord We give you thanks and praise for there’s no one like you, we reference your majesty for you alone are worthy to be called God, be thou exalted for you alone are the king of all kings, for the life, you have to us we say thank you in Jesus name we pray.


O Lord, I am a sinner and of which I am not worthy to be called your son there we call upon you to forgive all our atrocities, make us your children again and forever be glorified in Jesus name.


O Lord, Pull me out of any hole being dug by my enemies against me, let everyone who has set any form of a trap against me and my family members be captured by his/her trap. Amen


King of glory, let every covenant being made by my ancestors in my family which has been a torment to me and my household be broken, today I decree and declare that I and my family a no longer part of that covenant, Amen

O God, prosper me, my family members, friends everyone that concerns me, let every one of us be a pillar of glory to our family, let us be a beam of light so people can see your light in us and forever glorify as our creator. Amen


According to “Exodus 14 vs 14” you said you shall fight for us and we shall hold our peace, therefore, the hour has come for you to prove your word, fight for us o Lord and give us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.


Be that exalted for you have answered our prayers in Jesus mighty name we pray.