US Election Winner

Prophet TB Joshua, founder, and leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) has spoken on the expected outcome of the 2020 presidential election within us of America.

TB Joshua Release in his revelation dated November 1st, 2020, and uploaded on his church’s Youtube channel, predicted that there’ll be pockets of resistance but nothing will change.

However stopped in need of specifically declaring a winner for the November 3 American presidential election, rather stating that he will reserve what he’s seeing until the inauguration of the new president.

Newsonlineng Broadcasted that the election may be a straight fight between Donald Trump, the incumbent president who also doubles because of the candidate of the Republican Party, and former vice-chairman Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

TB Joshua, however, spoke categorically about the new Supreme Court Judge, Amy Coney Barrett whom he noted is going to be “an instrument of check.”

Prophet TB Joshua noted in his ‘prophetic revelation’ about the 2020 American presidential election that “What is occurring within the American election is as a result of the facility within the tongue.”

“The word we speak determines the life we enjoy. The tongue can either work for us or against us – death and life dwell the tongue,” he continued, quoting the Biblical book of Proverbs for emphasis.

“We Christians would have loved it to travel the way we wanted. But the Bible says it’s never proper to base our faith on our improvement after prayer,” the cleric added, revealing that his absence from streamed services for several weeks was thanks to his journey to an undisclosed ‘prayer mountain’.

He then Now added that it had been “a much greater grace” to “learn the way to believe that God hears us once we pray.”

“There is probably going getting to be pockets of resistance here and there but nothing will change. Let me reserve what I’m seeing until the inauguration of the new president.”

His terms do not speak in a clear and specific vision about the result and winner of the American presidential election has been generating mixed reactions.