Primate Ayodele Prophecy On Obaseki

Primate Ayodele described the protests as a warning signal for a primary fundamental disintegration of Nigeria.


He noted that the protest is just a beginning of the process and that the government won’t wake up until the country has cracked.

While throwing his weight behind the #EndSARS Protesters, Primate Ayodele urged them to be law abiding, peaceful and united against any form of division.

‘I stand with #EndSARS protesters. It’s a warning signal, Nigeria is losing from their bondage , and this is the beginning, it’s a primary fundamental disintegration of our country. The government won’t wake until it has cracked

However, the protesters must be law-abiding and peaceful as they make their demands known’

It is worthy of being noted that Primate Ayodele had earlier prophesied the current trouble faced by the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) in his annual book of prophecy titled ‘Warning To The Nations’ 2020/2021 edition which was released in August 2020.

On page 306 of the book, He stated that He foresees that SARS will be re-organised

‘There will be re-organisation of SARS. Their excesses will be curtailed. Let us pray so that they will not be attacked. I foresee that SARS operatives will experience lots of changes’