Protest Against President Buhari Government With Coffin

Popular Pastor Has Staged Protest Against President Buhari Government With Coffin For Burial In Lagos.



NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the General Overseer Of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Archbishop Benjamin, also known as Jehovah Sharp Sharp has shown his displeasure in President Buhari Government by carrying a coffin for burial on the streets of Lagos to protest.


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The procession which was done today Sunday, 11th Of April, 2021 in Festac was witnessed by media practitioners around the world who were surprised by the demonstration of the popular man of God.

Archbishop Benjamin during this demonstration revealed that God spoke to him to carry a coffin because He isn’t happy with the current government and the state to which they have brought the country.

He explained that carrying a coffin is in obedience to the word of God to him after he embarked on a spiritual journey for more than one year, and a mortal vacation some weeks ago.


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‘‘From the 15th Of September 2019 up until this moment I am standing with you, I have not eaten food cooked by fire or any pleasant food, I have been seeking the face of God over this great country Nigeria, and other reasons I took this very long journey.

Last week, I had a mortal vacation, which was solitary confinement where I didn’t talk to any human to be with the cabinet of the trinity, I didn’t see the sun, moon, clouds, all I did was to communicate with the Lord God almighty.


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What you are seeing me do here right now is what the Prophets of Old would do, God will ask them to carry a symbol when he wants to pass a message to the leaders of the nation. He said to me ‘Go and carry a coffin on your head, it is not furniture or anything for interior decoration, it is good for nothing, it is at the end of the life of a man that he is put into a coffin. Tell the leaders that they have intentionally deplored the common resources that belong to this great country and have brought hardship on the citizens, I am not happy with it’


A man needs to tell them the truth, I carry this coffin in obedience to the word of God that this country is a disappointment to the Lord God almighty who brought people of various ethnicity together and gave them the resources but those in power have chosen to make the commonwealth of the country their personal property, this is the reason I am carrying this coffin, God is not happy, and he is saying it is not political leaders alone, including the religious and traditional leaders’’


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While speaking on why he didn’t take it to the Aso Villa where the power is seated, He revealed that God has not spoken to him to do that and until then, He won’t do anything God has not asked him to do


‘’We live in a society that is actually supposed to be democratic, you and I know very well that human rights and civil rights are the right of this citizen of this country, we have found ourselves in a government that sees you as an enemy when you are being constructive or destructive in your criticism. Like I have said to you, I am still on a journey, no food cooked by fire for one year, moving about will not be an easy job but for now, He must also tell me where to go before I will go, I fear no man, If God tells me to go to Abuja with this coffin on my head, I will do the same’’



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Furthermore, He revealed that the way forward for Nigeria is that those in power need to sit down and decide if the country should stay together or not, by looking at the things that bring us together and checking if they are still workable.



‘Secession cry is everywhere, the question is, Is it God’s will that all these must happen? We need to sit down at a round table and look at again what and what put us together, whether those things are still workable today or are no longer workable.


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Some areas, cry and bleed for secession but if there is a need for restructuring, the country can go ahead, restructure isn’t a breakage, It is a devouring of power from the central to all the regions that make up that unitary government that make up the federal republic of Nigeria but some people seems to be opposed to it but the truth is I think the presidency and all his appointees, everyone in power must do something to sit down and ensure we come to the table again, and decide if we should stay together, or not to stay together.