Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has again knocked President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government over its decision to shorten the hours’ churchgoers will spend in church.

NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the Founder of Loveworld Ministries popularly known as Christ Embassy lashed out at the Federal Government for making such decision.

Pastor Chris said that the government does not have the right to decide how long God’s people will spend in the house of God

According to Pastor Chris, ‘if the government had built the building may be it could have had the power to regulate it but as long as it didn’t, you don’t have the power to tell Christians to spend one or two hours in church”.

Covid-19 controversial Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also declared that the number of hours the Federal Government allotted to the church is the how long it will be in power.

He stated that the government’s time is short because they don’t have the right “to tell God’s people you’re going to spend one hour or two hours in church.”

Pastor Chris said;

“I am appalled that some people have the audacity to tell us how many hours we can spend in church. How dare you?.

“What in the world do you think you are? You cannot tell God’s people how long they can spend in church. If you built the building for them and you are saying you are not going to let them enter the building, maybe because you built it.

“But if you didn’t, you have no right to tell God’s people you’re going to spend one hour or two hours in church. I tell you, the number of hours you tell them they have in the church is the number of hours you have left.”

Watch Pastor Chris Blasts Buhari Govt Video Below