World No Bra Day is celebrated worldwide today, October 13 2020.


NewsOnline Nigeria reports that No Bra Day is held annually every October 13 and in a bid to celebrate the 2020 edition, we bring to you 5 reasons you should go braless today.


According to research, most ladies cannot wait to take off their bras after wearing for over 12 hours a day.


With different boob sizes and no matter what kind of bra you wear, you always want to come home and take it off!

#NoBraDay: Below are reasons you should go braless for a bit.


1. Wearing a bra causes back pain

According to The Health Orange, studies show that wearing a bra can contribute to back pain as it shifts weight to the shoulders and places a great amount of stress on the pectoral girdle muscles. For an experiment, they had participants. Participants in the experiment were told to remain braless for 2 weeks to see if it affected their back pain. Participants reported that staying braless significantly reduced or even eliminated their back pain and 79% of them decided to go braless on a permanent basis. And honestly, I feel like they have made the right decision.

2. Health risk that comes with wearing bra

Independent studies in 2015 and 2016 have linked bras and breast cancer. Tissues that are low in oxygen and high in waste products and toxins have a higher chance of developing cancer, as well as other diseases. It is the job of the lymphatic system to prevent this problem. However, bras can interfere with lymphatic function, and over time this takes its toll on health.

3. You can breathe without one!

It’s such a relief when we take off our bras! Our boobs are free from the pads and our shoulders are free from the straps! It’s one of the best feelings ever!

4. Bras get uncomfortable after a while

After a long day of working, going to school or doing other daily things, we would get tired of wearing our bras for a maximum of hours as it somehow gets uncomfortable after a while. Bras may look cute and pretty but we sure can’t wait to take them off when our day is done.


5. By not wearing a bra, you will be happy with your body more

Everyone needs to learn to love their body and be happy with it! No matter what boob size you are, no one should feel ashamed of them!