Primate Ayodele Prophecy On USA And Ghana

It seems God Is Really Fulfilling Primate Ayodele Prophecy On USA And Ghana.


NewsOnline Nigeria understands that the political situation in the United States of America at the moment is messy, and not good for the democracy of the world. There has been uproar especially in the camp of the outgoing president, Donald Trump after Joe Biden won the election in November.


In the early hours of today, news broke out on some news medium in the USA that President Donald Trump called Georgia secretary of state to put pressure on him to upturn the victory of the Democrats in the state.


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Before this, President Donald Trump had made several allegations of rigging against the Democrats and ordered that some of the votes be recounted, and it was done.


Meanwhile, a popular prophet, Primate Ayodele who prophesied Victory for Joe Biden had said that He foresees Donald Trump doing everything possible to ensure that the Victory is upturned. He advised Joe Biden to be radical or else Donald Trump will come back.


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These were his words

‘“Trump will fight the Democrats just to get his victory. He will take a series of steps just to see that he wins the election. Trump will be out with so much blackmail. He will bring out various allegations against the Democrats that can tear the country apart.”


With what Is happening, Is it right to say this prophecy is coming to pass?


In the same vein, Primate Ayodele made a prophecy on Ghana Politics. He made it known that He foresees court cases after the election.


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These were his words

‘‘“The only thing John Mahama needs to do is to wake up, strategize, focus on upper voter and northern region, that is where he will get the victory, If he doesn’t follow that trend, He will lose.


“With the way John Mahama is approaching the campaign is wrong, he needs to work hard to get his victory.


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“I foresee that there will be violence in Ghana election and court challenges after the election,”


At the moment, the NDC is challenging the victory of Nana Akufo-Addo, and of course, the issue is going to court and this also fulfils God’s Servant Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.