Afaigboefuna Movement

Afa Igbo Efuna as the name implies stresses the need and importance of Igbo identity. The pertinent question which has continued to raise concerns from people who are not of Igbo extraction is “what really is the Igbo Identity? ” or “what is an ideal Igbo man or woman known for.


Dating from the origin of the Igbos, it was very clear that an Igbo man or woman is known for his zeal on industrialisation which then comes in form of crafts, business engagements, farming, etcetera, thereby resulting to migration from one place to another in order to make ends meet.

It is also wise to say that an ideal Igbo man has a passion for self-dependency and zeal to always dominate his environment, this made Ndị Igbo spread all over the world building relationship bridges, business empires and mansions in foreign lands and paying less attention to their root base.

Bringing this to perspective, the need for Igbos to think back home and unite themselves for the betterment of their society arises.

How can the Igbo Economy continue to grow?

How can the businesses of an Igbo man receive the Government’s attention cum support?
And how can we use the instrument of the government to better the lives of the people within the Igbo society?

All these questions have continued to ponder in the hearts of many with no solution until a son of the soil, Senator Dr. Ikemba Ifeanyi Ubah received the vision of a movement he named Afa Igbo Efuna which is set to answer the above questions and provide solutions to all the worrying issues affecting the Igbo man, woman and our economy. With the formation of AfaIgboEfuna Movement, our Identity and solutions to our worrying issues are clearly defined. This has continued to support the notion on the urgent need for the unity of Ndị Igbo so as to grow their economy and place the society on the desired standard.

Bearing these visions in mind, the Founder of AfaIgboEfuna movement who is also the Sitting Senator representing the good people of Anambra South Senatorial District, Dr. Ikemba Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, Ebubechukwuzo has continued to champion this course by carrying out various legislative interventions within the region in a bid to better the lives of the people. Some of these interventions include;

(i) leading the Senate President, His Excellency Dr Ahmed Lawan to Lagos in order to restore sanity in the International Trade Fair Complex, which is the main zone of Igbo Businesses in Nigeria. Today, the people are enjoying the then timely intervention by the Senator.

(ii) he led the Igbo leaders and businessmen to Chinese Consul General over issues relating to visa issuance.

(iii) Senator Ubah sponsored the Igbo businessmen to a round table discussion with the Chinese Consular General in a bid to ensure a good relationship and ease of doing businesses such as goods importations from China.

Senator Ubah understands that Igbo economy will not grow and benefit the people if adequate legislation is not put in place hence, his milestone achievements in just one year in office as a Senator. He has continued to champion this course for the good of his people.

Therefore, Ndi Anambra and Igbos, in general, are enjoined to join hands in AfaIgboEfuna Movement to make sure that the aims and objectives of the Founder, Senator Ubah is achieved and the time is now.

Anyi Ekwelugo maka ọdịmma ndị Igbo!

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