Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu Has Sent A Strong Message To Nigerian Youths.


NewsOnline Nigeria reports that All Progressives Congress stalwart, Bola Tinubu in his message urged youths not to copy “vagabonds”, saying destruction won’t help them reach their destinations.


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He stated this on Friday during the inauguration of the Agege-Pen Cinema Bridge.


Tinubu said, “To all of you youths, if you see the kind of progress and economic resuscitation that is going on in this neighbourhood and Lagos State as a whole, you should be commended for cooperating with the contractor.


“But that is not alone, we commend you for maintaining peace and don’t copy vagabonds, don’t emulate those who are in thuggery. There is no development if there is no peace, we must embrace peace to have development.



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“The government is doing so much to give you good foundation in education, that is an investment in your future…and that is giving you a tool to conquer poverty.


“Destruction and destruction will not help you reach the destination that you aspire to reach.”

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